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BioShock Infinite Xbox LIVE Avatar Items Available Now!

As of today, you can deck out your Xbox LIVE Avatars with some BioShock Infinite gear, outfits, and accessories. Avatars will now be able to grab a Sky-Hook and ride the Sky-Lines of Columbia while wearing the mask of the Motorized Patriot. And what avatar wouldn’t want their very own Handyman Hands and the ever-adorable Songbird Plushie?

Here’s what you can expect to find in the Xbox LIVE Avatar Marketplace starting today:

  • Early Elizabeth Dress Up (female only) – 240 MS Points

  • Songbird Shirt (male/female) – 80 MS Points [based off real life shirt, available in the Irrational Games Store]

  • Motorized Patriot Mask – 160 MS Points

  • Handyman Hands Prop – 240 MS Points

  • Songbird Plushie Prop – 240 MS Points

  • Sky-Hook Prop – 320 MS Points

All these items are available today so be sure to head over to the Xbox LIVE Avatar Marketplace to get your BioShock Infinite gear now!

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