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Undertow Bottles Have Arrived!

Back in August, we revealed the Devil’s Kiss Replica Vigor Bottle, which was met with great fanfare from our community. Since then, we’ve received messages from many of our fans asking us if there would be another bottle, and which would be next. Those questions can now be answered, as we’re proud to reveal today that the Undertow Vigor Bottle is available now in the Irrational Games Store.


These numbered replica BioShock Infinite Undertow Vigor Bottles are pressure cast resin, based on the original in-game model, and stand approximately 10” tall with a varying width of 2” – 2.5”. Featuring metallic-colored tentacles wrapping around a semi-opaque sapphire blue bottle, this vigor bottle is sure to help push your enemies away, or pull them in close with stunning detail. Each individual bottle comes packaged inside of a custom-made box, measuring 3.75” x 4.5” x 12.8”, created in-house at Irrational Games.

50 of these Vigor bottles have also been signed by Irrational Games’ Creative Director, Ken Levine, across the shoulder of the bottle, and includes a certificate of authenticity.


Signed Bottle Shoulder


Weight is 2.5 pounds, not a toy, and not intended for children. Limited to 500 total units, of which only 50 have been signed. Tentacle is not removable from the top of the bottle.

We hope all of our fans enjoy the newest addition to the Irrational Games Store, and keep watching this space for more new products in the future.

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